Removed Boldgrid manually, now what?

  • Answered
I was playing around with a new Boldgrid install today and really liked what it did. I had installed a bunch of sample themes, plugins, etc just seeing what it would do. I then decided to delete that install and start over with a fresh install to actually go public. I went in and manually deleted all the files and the database. Now when I try to install a new Boldgrid instance it says it's installed, but there are no files installed. What do I need to do now?
Hello jfshearon, Thank you for your question regarding issues reinstalling BoldGrid. Make sure you have removed all the plugin related folders (it installs several) then attempt to re-install BoldGrid. If your problems persist I recommend contacting Live Support, so they can test within your account and help reinstall BoldGrid. Thank you, John-Paul