Owncloud Installed With Softaculous Doesn't Work

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I have a domain that was not in use so my plan was to setup Owncloud on it. I have Power Plan and added the unused domain as an addon domain. I then used Softaculous to install Owncloud. Install was successful so I point to the URL that was created owncloud.mydomain.net and I get the following error in the webpage.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/mensal5/public_html/cloud/index.php on line 42

When looking at index.php in an editor I see the code and line 42 has a [ and a ], so this seems OK to me, but apparently it isn't. Any ideas what I need to do?



IMH Support Agent 5
Hello Steve, Thank you for your question about Owncloud. With similar PHP errors it can be difficult to find the faulty code, especially in a case with code developed by a third party. I advise checking your PHP Configuration and, if necessary, re-install Owncloud with Softaculous. Best, Christopher M.