Blog Page and Blog Post confussion

  • Answered
I'm new to WordPress and BoldGrid and have just started building my website.
I created a Blog following the instructions at the tutorial here, and then created a blog post with a "costumized" URL.
I selected the Blog Page as the Entries Page and while I checked that the first ( contained the post ( I would prefer if the post URL could be website/blog/postURL.

Is that possible?

I'm working on the Venetian theme.

P.S. I have BoldGrid in Spanish so I'm not sure if the Entries Page name is correctly translated. Sorry.
Hello, Thank you for your question about WordPress and BoldGrid. Yes, you can use do this by editing the permalink of your post. Title your page "blog" and you be able to access it as, but when someone chooses a post they will see The permalink is located under the post title when you are editing a post. You will see the URL for the post you're editing, and you can click "Edit" to change. You can also reset permalinks for your whole site. Best, Christopher M.