Lost admin access to my prestashop

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Hi all,

I have never built a site before. I managed to set up a nice store on prestashop and proceeded to take down the "coming soon" notice i had put up (all done using cpanel and softaculous). My site was live at:


I thought I'd simply have to move all the files from the presta folder into the public_html folder to make my site live at:


but doing that has caused me to lose both front end and backend access to my site:

on the front end *******collections.com => now a blank white screen and

*******collections.com/presta => shows index of/presta

attempting to access backend administration gives an error "can't establish a connection to the server at localhost".

I did my best to put all the files back where they used to be, but to no avail. it seems i have lost the links to access my site. Any and all help is appreciated in resolving this, because I spent two months building the site and I can't fathom having to redo all that work. i've scoured the forums and i feel quite foolish for being the only one to have done this.

Note: Currently, in my public_html folder, i've moved every file and folder into the presta subfolder except for cgi-bin

Thanks again.
Hello caliope, Thank you for your question regarding lost admin access to your PrestaShop site. Be sure to clear your browser cache when testing this type of issue. In order to move folders you will have to change your PrestaShop URL. This can be accomplished in the database, and does not require admin access. For example, you are changing the URL from "example.com/presta" to just example.com, by moving the files to the public_html folder. If you are still getting a blank screen enable error reporting, which may provide a more detailed error. Thank you, John-Paul