um also in a same problem, when um going to Verify domain ownership via DNS record, it's shows "No configuration options currently exist for the “” domain.", 

Hello. Please contact our Live Support with more details for further assistance.


Hello Duane,

Apologies for the error message that you're seeing.  We're assuming that you're using an alias for the domain name in the error message that you have provided.  We have no context as to what application you're using with your website, or exactly how you're getting the error, except that you're seeing it in an internet browser (hopefully).  If you can give us more detail on how you're getting the error message and any details on the application you're trying to use, then we can research the issue in more depth.  We need a little more information in order to try to provide you an answer.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.