uploading website files to Inmotion

  • Answered
I use NetObjects Fusion to design my websites... (it's old but works) On Godaddy, I just upload the files to my website domain name... I'm not sure how to get the files to the right directory on Inmotion... I think I need to get them to my 'domain' name and then the 'public-html' but not sure how to FTP the files to that directory... or do I upload them to the FTP directory and then move them from there?

I have the 'Power' hosting plan.

Thanks in advance Randy
Hello Randy, Thank you for your question about uploading files to your account. If you use FTP and set it to your primary domain name, that is the public_html directory. This means you will not have to specify that directory separately. If you are uploading to an addon domain (example.com), then the folder location would be "public_html/example.com". You can check out our article on where to place site files. Kindest Regards, Scott M