Does Boldgrid support the Bootstrap popover plugin?

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In previous web development projects I have built using the Bootstrap popover plugin a feature whereby if hovering over an image with the mouse a popover appears to give a detailed description of that image/link. I wish to do the same with Boldgrid, but when I use the jquery function:


As referred to here:

I get the following message: "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).popover is not a function"

This my question would be, does Boldgrid even support the implementation of this plugin? Is there an alternative feature I can use?

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Thank you for your question on BoldGrid support of Bootstrap popover. Boldgrid is a suite og plugins that basically provide prebuilt themes. It does use bootstrap and when looking into the 'bootstrap.min.js' file I do see popover included.

In a sanitized test, I replaced the javascript reference from a working sample with the javascript from BoldGrid. The popover still worked. After replacing the jQuery reference with the one from BoldGrid, I received an error.

It seems that the current jQuery file used in BoldGrid is not able to support the popover plugin.

I am not familiar with a replacement for the popover, but I will mention this to the BoldGrid team to see if they can upgrade the jQuery reference.

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Scott M