Will imotion work with member mouse membership software?

  • Answered

I'm currently creating my membership website for wordpress and thinking about using inmotion. The only problem I see is that it won't work with membermouse which I am planning to use after my site is done. Here are the requirements of membermouse. Please tell me if inmotion has these. Thanks:

Try and avoid 'shared hosting', unless absolutely required. Is inmotion shared hosting?
Avoid 'Windows' hosting/servers. Choose 'Linux' options. Does it have Linux?
Make sure you have a plan which provides a dedicated IP and SSL certificate. Does it feature these?
If you are on a shared host now, you may be able to upgrade to a VPS level plan easily/cheaply? Can you do this?
If your host aggressively caches (specifically WP Engine), make sure you can turn it off or ignore certain URLs on your site. Can I do this with inmotion?
Make sure your get adequate performance on your site even with caching turned off?
Varnish caching run server side can also cause issues. Does inmotion have these?

Thank you for your questions on membermouse requirements. Yes, we can meet all of those requirements. You can contact our Sales team about specific plans or features by clicking on the "Support Chat" button above and then selecting "Sales" as a category. They can answer any questions in real time as well as help you get set up, should you desire.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M