Joomla Administrator page directs me back to home page

  • Answered
When i go to it directs me back to the home page. I tried renaming the .htaccess file but I'm still having the same issue
Hello, Apologies for the problems with the re-direct to the home page for your Joomla site. If your URL is being re-directed, then the issue is either with the .htaccess redirects, or with the actual code within Joomla. I indicated earlier that you will need to look at the .htaccess file to see if the issue is associated with it. If you require assistance with that change, then you will need to contact live technical support via phone/email/chat. If the issue involves the Joomla code, then you may need to refer to the Joomla support forums. There is history of this issue indicated in this post. PLease review it as they may have possible answers to the issue that you face. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.