Title not showing for content type

  • Answered
I have created a new content type since I believe it will be easier to modify permissions to access it. However, the title is not showing up when I proceed to publish the new page. Any ideas what may be inhibiting this? I have the title field enabled in the "Manage Form Display" for this content type. Would I have to add an additional field called title?
I do not require any special functionality, I just want it to operate like a "Basic Page" content type.
Thanks in advance.
Hello immunoh, Thank you for your question on getting the title to display for a custom content type. This seems to pop up occasionally for other Drupal users as discussed in the drupal forum thread about the subject. Without being able to duplicate the condition, I cannot give a definitive answer, but you may want try what the most recent response in that thread advised. "Administration > Structure > Display Suite > Extras (tab under Displays tab) I had to uncheck the option, Enable extra fields which is the second menu option on the left." Kindest Regards, Scott M