Pictures I added to my site are not loading on the webpage.

  • Answered
I built my new website with BoldGrid. When viewing my active site, most of the pictures I have added to my gallery page are not loading and just show up as empty boxes. I did not have this issue before I made my site active. I am not sure how to fix this.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your BoldGrid gallery. In looking at the URL you provided, the site seems to be a Joomla site. If you can give a URL where we can see the gallery, we may be able to help in troubleshooting the issue.

Generally, the missing images means there is a pathing issue. You will want to make sure that the missing images have the proper path, including domain name, folders, and image name. Remember that the web hosting server is case sensitive, so ABC.jpg is considered different than abc.jpg

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Scott M