Missing second Domain www.lifestyle-nutrition.de

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Hello Inmotion-Hosting Support,

I transferred my second domain www.lifestyle-nutrition.de to my account here, but I can't find it in my dashboard. I'd simply like to install Wordpress on it, so I can put my Theme in.

Can you help me, where can I find the domain and install wordpress?

Thank you very much for support!

Have a nice weekend.

Best Regards
Kevin Kahleys
Hello Kevin,

Sorry to hear you are missing your domain on your server. I can see the domain has been added to your cPanel as an addon domain as requested earlier. You can see this under "Addon Domains" under the "Domains" category in your cPanel. There should be a folder with the domain name under the public_html folder in your File Manager. That is where you will need to put the files.

When you attempt to install WordPress using Softaculous, you will be able to select that domain naem from the dropdown list for domains.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M