3rd party domain pointing/masking my ssl secured subdomain

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I have a customer that wants to use there 3rd party domain. i created a ssl secured sub domain site for them on wordpress. they tried to use hover's help for fowarding and maskinig (https://help.hover.com/hc/en-us/articles/217282447-How-to-Forward-your-domain-name-to-another-website-Updated-Aug-2015-). it worked but only pointed to my unsecure site. They then tried to use wordpress' Domain Mapping function by mapping their site as https://site.com to my site. This did point it to my site securely but since the ssl certificate is for my wildcard sites it doesn't recognize his domain and gives an error and doesn't visually process the site correctly.

Anyone have any ideas to fix this.

They want to point their domain name to my secure site and mask my site with their domain.
Hello Fowlerjd,

Sorry for the problem with forwarding your WordPress domain. First, if they're trying to re-direct a URL to your site, they would need to do that on their end using DNS A record, or by using an .HTACCESS redirect. The domain name they use must be registered with a domain registrar in order for this to work. It appears that the domain is not associated with our hosting service. His re-direct should be pointing to the HTTPS version of your site. They may need to speak with their hosting service (or domain registrar) tech support if they're having difficulties with the re-direct. I checked your domain to make sure that it is using the SSL certificate and it is valid. Also, please understand that we do not support domain masking in our services. We would need more information in regards to the actions they made to "map" the domain in order for us to further investigate the issue. Please provide any steps to duplicate or error messages if you wish for us to further investigate the issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.