support person asked for login detials

  • Answered
A support person at InkThemes asked me for my Wordpress login so she could check my dashboard settings. I don't feel comfortable with this. Do you have any advice for me about this?
The problem I'm having is that the theme I'm using does not show a comments box with posts. I'm trying to get a comments box to appear with posts. I believe that I have all the dashboard settings correctly set. The support person wants my login info to check. This doesn't feel right to me. What do you think?

Thank you for contacting us about login details. One thing you can do to check if your comment settings are correct is use a default WordPress theme like "twenty-sixteen", and make sure to submit a test comment. If the comment displays without a problem then the issue is likely deriving from the theme. I'm not sure what security procedures InkThemes has in place. That is something you will need to judge based on their interaction with you. As a security measure, however, you should only ever give your username and password to someone you trust completely.

Christopher M.