Google plus won't load up my blog link

  • Answered
When i try to post my new blog on google plus, when i add the link it won't connect to the webpage i'm trying to share. Normally the title, featured image and first few words come up fine, but not now. Any ideas? It worked fine 2 days ago. i thought maybe a crawler is being prevented from accessing my site but support looked and said no problems there.

Thank you for contacting us about your blog link issue. Yes, that is strange. Maybe Google changed something in their post form. I recommend using a plugin like Jetpack, which can provide you with the WordPress "share buttons", which include an option for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will just need to connect your Google account and that button should do the rest. Otherwise, you can look into social media syndication programs like Hootsuite.

However, it is possible that Google recently updated something and we will need to wait and see a workaround appear.

Christopher M.