I created contac.html in my server if i want to add process file .php

  • Answered
Hello, sir, i created my basic page and i added 5 pages, in contact.html page i want to add contact.php, how can i do that , i m confuse.... where to add this .php file, do i need to maintain seperate server again or i can include in the same server.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding adding a .php file to a contac.html page. You may be able to accomplish this by enabling html files to display php code. Then you can add a code like this to call in the file:
&lt?php include("contact.php") ?&gt
It may be easier to write the contact page as a .php file instead of a .html file. This is covered in our helpful guide How to create a custom PHP contact form with validation. Thank you, John-Paul