CSS for Website Broken

  • Answered
I believe the CSS for our website www.rpmrealty.ca has broke and is causing our webpage to display incorrectly. We are using WordPress and a theme called RealHomes. All of the theme settings have remained the same and is all there in the theme information fields, I don't believe anyone changed any of the information to cause this error. Do you have any advice on how to fix this issue? Thanks.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding broken CSS. Since it seems you are running WordPress, I recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide. This should help you narrow down the cause of the problem. You can review the modified date of the files to determine if anything was changed recently. Also, keep in mind that updates to WordPress, Themes, and Plugins are pushed out regularly to address known bugs, and vulnerabilities. So if you didn't make any changes recently, you may have missed one. Thank you, John-Paul