Multiple Copies of email

  • Answered
I have begun receiving multiple copies of emails. Nothing changed on my end. Using Outlook 365 on my laptop (Office 2016). What has changed on IMH.

Thank you for your question on multiple emails in Outlook. While we did recently update our server fleet to use DoveCot vs Courier, they should not have any effect on Outlook getting multiple copies of emails in an ongoing basis.

Did you check your Webmail to see if you are getting multiple copies? If not, have you checked another email client such as ThunderBird or Opera? Does this happen with every email or is it sporadic? Is it specific email addresses? times? days? or does it occur every time?

You may want to consult the Live Support team so they can check server side things, but in the past, it has ended up being an issue with Outlook. There are different causes and fixes that can be found via Google.

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Scott M