Email Account Disappeared some days after being created

  • Answered
I have created an email account but when I tried to access it today I could not.
When I arrived at the email account manager the email I have created some weeks ago wasn't there.
I really need email stability. What happened?

Thank you for contacting us about the non-appearance of your email account. Were you able to replicate the behavior by creating the email account again to see if it disappears again? One of the possible causes for an entire email account to disappear would be an email folder being deleted in your cPanel configuration, but is there is no automatic function that could delete a folder without your knowledge.

It is difficult to say from here what exactly may have happened. Do you recall any changes you may have made to your account around the time of the disappearance? Where were you checking your email? Webmail? Email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird?

Christopher M.