Prestashop admin page won't accept my admin login

  • Answered
Earlier I installed Prestashop it worked like a charm. Something happened that prompted me to uninstall it and try another product. Now I am back to PS, but now with great frustration. I have re-installed it 4 times (I think 4). However every time I attempt to login to the admin page it treats the admin as an unknown user. It will send a password reset to the designated email which that too does not work. Every time I enter it in the fields just go blank as if I never did anything. I have tried other computers/phones and tried to reset the username and password via database. Nothing gets it to accept my profile to use Prestashop backoffice. Note: The first time I "uninstalled" I did not use the Scriptaculous process for the uninstall. I did clear out the DB, DB usernames and install path manually. I see folks with similar problems but from years ago, but the file structure is vastly different and those solutions are not relevant here. Can we wipe out any magical server cache or anything?
Hello icr8stf,

Thank you for contacting us about difficulties logging into Prestashop. I'm sorry to see you are having trouble. I am curious, however, about the method of installation you were using after you deleted the original install. You mentioned you had not used Softaculous to do the uninstall, but did you use it to do the next series of installs? This should have created new databases and allowed you access.

Christopher M.