Help. Unwanted traffic and CPU usage is skyrocketing

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Help. I get alot of unwanted traffic from around the world and my CPU usage is skyrocketing.
I have more webshops under the same user with you and they all get some of that unwanted traffic. You have shell scanned my site and you are telling me that my webshops are not hacked. But why do I get all that unwanted traffic then?
Please check and

Tim S.
Hi ifirm, Thanks for posting your question about unwanted traffic. So where exactly is the traffic coming from? If it's from a specific geographic location, you could block it by creating a rule in your htacess file. However, keep in mind, blocking traffic by IP range blocks all traffic from that location. Traffic from bots can be blocked by using a robots.txt file. Keep in mind, bots can ignore the file and crawl your site anyways. I hope this helps! Thanks! Tim S