Issues with branding when creating custom cPanel style

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Hello everyone!

As a reseller, under WHM, we are allowed to customise cPanel.

When we visit WHM -> cPanel -> Branding, we are given the option to fill a few fields and upload some logos and a favicon to do some quick branding.

In that page, there's also a note that says we can brand Paper Lantern, the default theme, with a link:

I followed the tutorial ( to create a custom cPanel style and added it to the right location but for some reason, the "style.css" file doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I have placed the style folder in both the following locations ( /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/mystyle/ AND /var/cpanel/reseller/styled/mystyle/) but in either case, cPanel seems to ignore the style.css when I switch to the custom style in my own cPanel as well as that of my clients.

I only wanted to create a custom style so that my logo would be seen in the cPanel header.

I connected with tech support but they were unable to help.

I followed the troubleshooting guide ( but that didn't help either.

I am hoping someone here has an answer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello Sri,

Thank you for contacting us about branding cPanel. It is likely that the cPanel installation is having trouble finding the path to your CSS file.

You can try setting a remote path to the style, with a hyperlink, for example: However, I advise checking with the cPanel developers through their forum if that does not work.

Alternatively, you can use the branding editor interface provided by cPanel, which allows you to customize the header with custom images and logos. You should be able to find full instructions on how to do use the editor in the documentation our Support team provided.

Christopher M.