Is It Possible to Rename a Subdomain

  • Answered
I have a working subdomain I'm using for development. Can I rename the subdomain or do I need to create a new subdomain and trnsfer all the files?
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello chersey,

Thank you for contacting us about renaming subdomains. Do you mean you want to rename the domain itself? For example, do you want to change to Or, do you mean you want to rename the top-level domain? For example to If the latter, you will not be able to rename it, but you would need to register it as a new domain. If the former, I recommend creating a new subdomain because there are several DNS records you would also need to rename, and there is a risk of missing one. I think it would be safer to simply create a new subdomain.

However, if you mean you would just like to rename the document root (which is the directory in your home folder where the site files are saved) you can do that in cPanel in the Subdomain menu. You will see there is a little pencil icon next to the document root. You can use that to edit, and the change will happen instantly. Of course, you would need to transfer any critical files because this new document root would be empty.

Christopher M.