Pro-Active Notice of Email Security Changes: Softalicious

  • Answered
Recent changes to your SMTP security requirements broke both my phpList and Drupal 7 installs, quietly, with no fuss, and we only discovered we had issues after trying to send a monthly newsletter to our foundation subscribers. Please consider posting advance notice of all system changes that may affect CRMs, Mailing Lists, etc that your shared hosting clients use to run their sites or their online services. Particularly if you offer the resource through the Softalicious package. You can disclaim all you like, but if you offer it for installation, people will assume you support it to some degree: certainly to the point where you won't break key functionality with a system change. Thanks for listening.
Hello Motrengaw,

Apologies for the problems that you have encountered due to SMTP security changes. We can forward your concerns to our systems people who make the updates, but we would like to make sure of what was affected in your installations. Can you please provide us information about the changes you had to make in order to get everything operational again? It would help identify the areas that are affected so that we can predict where and when notifications would need to be sent.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.