WordPress site very slow

  • Answered
My WordPress site (both admin pages and live) is very slow -- 2 seconds (if I'm lucky) to 5 or more (typically) between page loads. This predates the use of any addons, it was like this out of the box. This is with Launch hosting. Is this just what that level of service provides? I can't even stand to edit the site, let alone give it to end-users.
Hello, Thank you for your question on WordPress site speed. As you can see via Google's study on website load speed, most websites come in between 1-7 seconds of load time. The mean for desktop devices is around 7 seconds. Seems very slow since servers are supposed to be quick, right? While our servers are very quick, site speed is vastly affected by the coding, images, plugins, caching, etc that are loaded into the site. Think of it like a pickup truck. With no load they are as fast as any other car on the road, maybe faster than average. Load it up with a bunch of concrete and it cannot maintain those speeds as it has to compensate for the load. The good news is, the improvements that can be made to increase your site speed is almost entirely under your control. You can run your site (when it is ready) through sites such as GTmetrix.com. This site will analyze your site for load speed and optimization. It will tell you specifically things you need to do to improve it. Most commonly are image optimization, caching, and not using so many plugins. Although I cannot see your site directly due to it redirecting, I did check the account and see you have almost 50 plugins on the site. If most of those are active, it can cause a severe problem with loading, depending on the page and its dependencies. All business plans (Launch, Power, Pro) use the same type of servers, so simply upgrading will do little to nothing. The ability to optimize your site is in your hands. Use those tools and you can likely get your site into the better than average range of 1-3 seconds. Kindest Regards, Scott M