How do I tweak the full html?

  • Answered
I am having trouble editing the html for a theme in Boldgrid. When I open the html "text" version of the editor, I can edit the pages, but the issue seems to be in the theme. It is a floating divider that shows on all pages. I found the two lines of code to be removed by viewing/copying the page source and opening in Dreamweaver, but I cannot edit the html and save via Boldgrid. Is there a way to determine how that code got generated from the css if that's the case? thx
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding. Since most of the look and style of BoldGrid (and WordPress) is controlled my a Theme/Template you typically have to edit the CSS instead of the actual HTML. In BoldGrid, click Customize, then CSS/HTML Editor. Then on the far right, locate the css file you want to edit, the stylesheets are on the bottom. There you can click and edit them directly, as it does not require Dreamweaver. Alternately, because it is WordPress you can modify it the standard (WordPress) way. By making a child theme, then add/override css as needed. For more information on this option, see the official WordPress documentation on Child Themes. Thank you, John-Paul