Best practice to point external domain server to InMotion hosting?

  • Answered
I host my website at InMotion; however, my domain name is registered at a 3rd party. I know I have 2 options to point my domain to my website ...
1. Change NS records to InMotion nameservers
2. Change A record for my domain name to my InMotion web-host IP address.

Other than needing an IP address for option 2, what are advantages and disadvantages to the above choices.

Hello Corey, Thanks for asking about pointing your domain to us. The main advantage with changing your name servers is being able to easily control your DNS within the cPanel. The nameservers determine the authoritative DNS and being able to control your DNS within cPanel makes it easier to manage multiple domains if necessary. When you change names server, you're moving DNS for not only the website but also your email. The disadvantage would be if you're already using another system for multiple domains, then you're adding another interface to your management process that may require time, especially if you have not used it before. If you do not change your nameservers, then you would need to modify an A record in order to point your name server to us. Modifying the A record would need to be defined by the service that you are using. Note that this only changes where the WEBSITE will be served. It does not necessarily change the Email service. In some cases, you will need to make sure that you add MX (mail server) records so that email is hosted properly. The main disadvantage is that you cannot take advantage of the interface options that cPanel offers for both website and email. I hope this helps to answer your questions, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.