Iphone Email works at home but not out side of the house.

  • Answered
Inside the house my IPhone will signal a new email message before my computer. Outside the house I get an error that says the server is not responding. This has happened several times so it is not just a one time the network went down thing . If it can detect the server inside the house why not outside?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about difficulty connecting with your iPhone outside of the house. It is difficult to troubleshoot network issues over this kind of forum, but if you check your mail logs you may be able to check to see if you are getting to the server with errors or not at all. If you are unsure of how to check those logs you can contact our Live Support team they can check the mail logs. You also want to check our Email Troubleshooting guide. It is possible that your cellular data network is blocking certain ports. Best, Christopher M.