How to Get .img Files to Show After Restoring Joomla Backup?

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we have been moved from a biz server to a res server. Now creating own cpanel accounts for each subdomain: for the first one have created a new account with WHM, restored the joomla site files, imported the database etcetera; we have followed the steps in the article "How do I split a single cPanel account into multiple ones" (except that I didt it with a joomla site, not a wordpress site as explained in the mentioned article).

The joomla 2.5 site is loading, however with some problems:

1. some img files are not showing up properly, which should appear at the following locations/pages

- grey area on HOME (it is an image slider)

- white area on HOME (it is also an image slider)

- News module on HOME

- on the page NEWS (pathes are: news/current and news/archive)

2. problems with installing extensions

- errors are coming up when installing components. One component that was impossible to install should be loading a video player at MEDIA > VIDEO, right now just some coding is shown

- apparently sometimes errors are coming up when trying to install modules and plugins

After experiencing those problems I have tried to do a fresh install of Joomla 2.5 and then reinstall all the extensions, re-installation of extension was no problem as long as the jos_table was referred to in the config file, but had to change back to the other table to pull the information from the imported database. When referencing in config file to the other table, then other problems occurred such as articles could not be opened in the joomla backend, so I went back to the have the site files from the backup restored into public html.

Please advise what can be done to get this fixed.

Thank you for your help.

Hello, Thank you for contacting us about images missing from your site and difficulty with extensions. The blank areas on your page may indicate that Joomla is having trouble finding those elements. I advise checking the links for this content to make sure they have the correct directory path, especially in the case of any links that are hard-coded into your template. Likewise, you can also check your PHP version, and consider enabling PHP error reporting; this may help you isolate the issue. You also mentioned migrating files and databases. Make sure that all databases go through a database repair before exporting and importing into other cPanel accounts. Best, Christopher M.