When I edit and update any active page using BoldGrid, I loose links

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Each time I edit and update any active page using Bold Grid, I loose the corresponding page link to that page from my primary menu? This issue is very time consuming. Every edit I do on a page causes the main menu at the top of the page to remove the link to that page. Therefore, each time I edit a page, I have to follow up by going into the customize tab and add the page link back to the primary menu. As you can imagine the time starts to add up.


Sorry for the problem with editing a page in BoldGrid and then losing a menu. I tried to duplicate this in our test site and I am unable to replicate the issue. When I make a change on any page, I am able to save it, then look at the site and see the menu items remain intact. What are you editing in the page? Can you please give us a detailed description of the steps you're taking as well as the change you're making. We can then investigate the issue more depth.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.