SpamAssassin Frontend for White/Black lists

  • Answered
Hi. Are there any Inmotion or third party Desktop apps that would provide a local frontend (GUI) for SpamAssassin? What I am interested in is the ability to quickly and easily whitelist/blacklist emails without having to log into cPanel, find SpamAssassin, click into configuration, etc. just to add someone to a list. This seems pretty basic to me, but I can't find anything.

Thank you for your assistance.
Hello, Thanks for your question about a frontend interface for SpamAssassin. I also looked around at both desktop and mobile applications but found nothing. At this point, to my knowledge (or per Google) there are no applications for that purpose. SpamAssassin is released under the Apache license, so if you're developing anything for it, you might need to reference them. However, it's a good suggestion and I hope to see something developed for that purpose. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.