Using Old files with newer version of Joomla

  • Answered
I have had an older website (at least 5 years old) on another account... I have since started a new account, and am building other websites. I wanted to combine all my accounts into one, so from an old account I downloaded the files from an older jumla website. We created a new subdomain of one of my domains in the newer account. That new subdomain is beta.**********.org. If you go to look at it, you see many errors. I am assuming this is because the files are old, and the current load/version of joomla is newer. I am wondering how to go about getting those errors removed... one way is to hire someone to fix them (I do not know how). But I am wondering if there is another option. Since I have not yet cancelled my old account, can I copy from it an older version of jumla and move that over to the beta.******.org subdomain? (Recall, the old website works just fine as it is on the old account.... ).

Thank you for your question regarding using old files with a new version of Joomla. Due to the way Joomla versions updated, you should install the version of Joomla that matches your files.

Then, incrementally update the version of Joomla until it is current. This may take several upgrades to complete.

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