Can I Transfer A Domain With cPanel/FTP Details

  • Answered
Sorry for the simple question, but the articles are confusing me.

What I am wondering is can I transfer domain rights using a cPanel login?

So I had a website designed by some website designers. I now want a new website and am going to try making my own website with WordPress and hosting it on InMotion Hosting - this would require a transfer as I still want the same domain name, just a different website and obviously different host.
I emailed the designers of the website and asked them if they could give me everything I need to do this; they only sent username and password for the cPanel or FTP section. My main question is if this is enough; secondary question (although don't worry if the answer is too long) is how would I do it if it is possible?

Thanks in advance
Hello StSteven, Thank you for your question on transferring a domain with cPanel FTP details. Actually, you cannot transfer the domain with the cPanel credentials. To transfer a domain, you would need to get the transfer code (AUTH or EPP code) from the current registrar. Then you can set up the transfer within your AMP here (if you are one of our customers). If you are not one of our customers, get with the host you are transferring to and they can tell you how to initiate the transfer to them once you have the transfer code. Kindest Regards, Scott M