Creating a new page in WordPress I get error 404 page

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I created a page in wordpress but when I click on the publish button I get the message " error 404 page not found"

but in the dashboard under pages I see that the page was created and if I hit on the "update" button I get the same message. " error 404 page not found"

Can you please help!



We do apologize that you're getting a 404 error when creating a page in WordPress. In order to troubleshoot the issue, we need a little more information from you. Can you please provide a URL, if you are hosted by InMotion Hosting? When you say "created a page" can you please provide the exact steps you are taking to in the creation of that page? When I test in my WordPress test site, I am not having any problems creating a page. Are you using multisite? Do you have any specific plugins? Make sure to look at our tutorial on troubleshooting WordPress to see if you can determine if the problem is being caused by a plugin.

I hope that helps to answer your question! Please provide the requested information and we can look into the issue in more depth.

Arnel C.