save button on product page spins for ever

  • Answered
I just had a fresh clean install of prestashop ( through the software installer. When i went and tried to modify a test product and clicked the save, it is spinning forever. I read your past posts about enabling the debug but it doesn't give me any errors on the screen. Given its an untouched version, I would expect it must have been tested and there is a solution. Can you help?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the save button on your product page. I have a test version of PrestaShop on my server. It is the same version. I am not having any issue when modifying one of the default products. Can you give specifics as to what you are modifying so I can test that? So far, random modifications are all resulting in normal behavior. You may also want to check with the PrestaShop forums to see if anyone there has had the same experience. Kindest Regards, Scott M