On WordPress install, where are auto-update options stored?

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When using the Wordpress installation script from cpanel, there are these options to:

Disable Update Notifications

Auto Upgrade

Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins

Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes

My question is : where do these options get stored? The reason for my question is I install an default WP when uploading a new site that was originally on a development url. I replace the wp-content folder and I drop all the tables in the DB and import the migrated DB which replaces the one created by the script.

If those options are stored in the DB, did I overwrite them? If not there, where are they stored so I can make sure I don't overwrite them?

Thanks, Larry

Hello Larry, Thank you for your question regarding where WordPress Auto-update settings are stored. According to the official WordPress Codex on "Configuring Automatic Background Updates", they are stored in the wp-config.php file. This is covered in our article How to Enable or Disable WordPress Automatic Updates. Most likely you are overwriting this file when you migrate them to the server. Thank you, John-Paul