WordPress sidebar issue fix

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For nancymroczek.com – on menu:

Go to mind expansion, lectures & discourse, environment & health

See ‘contents’ sidebar on page

In contents list, go to line 18 & the lines after it which read:

Dr Mroczek begins at 6:17 talking about the suffering and pain of animals in experimental research and otherwise. She follows with information on the understanding and detriment of multiple environmental wrongs such as weather anomalies and effects of radiation exposure and toxins, etc. Dr Mroczek has been distressed about animal research and environmental toxicities for decades, so much so that denial is necessary to carry on living with seeing how bad things are for life – life for ourselves, life for animals, life of the planet itself.

These r the lines I want to remove from the list

I’m told the contents sidebar has a ‘headings format’ for all titles of the videos & that the descriptive text of videos is in ‘paragraph format’


I can’t find the place to see this info to change the lines in question to ‘paragraph format’ which I’m assumg iss the issue

Thank u for ur help in advanc

After spending some time investigating further, this seems to be caused by the section being listed in an "H3" tag.

For example, if you edit the "Lectures & Discourse: Environment & Health" page, you will see the section (Dr Mroczek begins at 6:17...) is enclosed in "H3" tags instead if "p" tags.

Changing the H3 tags out with p tags should correct the issue.

Thank you,
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding a sidebar issue. We are happy to help troubleshoot further, but will need some additional information. It seems to be pulling the description from the youtube video you are linking to. What widget are you using to add the Youtube links to the sidebar? Thank you, John-Paul