cPanel e-mail forwarders not working at all...

  • Answered
I've setup a number of e-mail address for our new domain. I then setup w-mail forwarders for these e-mail address (e.g. [email protected], tr[email protected], [email protected],) but they are never delivered. It's been over 5 hours and still no delivery. The target forward e-mail address are a varied mix,, @hotmail,com, etc. We shouldn't be hitting any e-mail limits. Are there any other restrictions or setup requirements to start using e-mail forward?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about troubleshooting email forwarders. The first thing to always check is the DNS configuration: make sure the domain has been pointed to the right server, and the records have propagated; you can also check the MX records to make sure they are configured as needed. Are these addresses for your domain receiving email normally? Or, are these addresses only set up as forwarders without a mailbox of their own? Best, Christopher M.