Spammers Are sending emails from my domain

  • Answered
Recently my domain got blacklisted and I was notified that I was hacked, and I checked my bounceback emails and looks like there are a lot of emails that was sent by fake addresses from my domain. I use google apps and have SPF and DKIM enabled and still this occurred !

How do I rectify / prevent this ?

Sorry to hear you are having issues with spoofers even after you have set up SPF and DKIM. Sadly, SPF and DKIM can only work if the receiving servers check for them. Spammers can always spoof an email address, there is nothing to stop that.

The prevention lies in the legitimate owners such as yourself setting up SPF and DKIM, which you have done. That is all you can control.

The other half of the equation is for receiving servers to set up to check for SPF or DKIM, if they do not check, then spoofed email can come in at will.

Unfortunately, irresponsible email servers that do not check can still have your email addresses reported and blacklisted.

Spoofing is not done from your server, but from somewhere else on the web, the best you can do is to keep the SPF and DKIM up to prevent spoofing from responsible servers. You can always challenge any blacklisting you receive by contacting the blacklist company itself. This may be tedious, but if you have done everything you can to prevent spoofing, this is the next step you need to take.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M