Emails logins no longer work on the sites i am hosting

  • Answered
I have set up email accounts on the sites that i host on my inMotion VPS. They have been working fine for quite some time, but about 1-2 weeks ago users who login via the website email are getting a message that their username or password is incorrect. All users who use an email client like Microsoft Outlook have no problems at all, it's just the people who access their emails via the website.

The app that i use for the website emails is WebMail Lite.
Hello LarryB, Thank you for your question on accessing emails on your VPS. The webmail access should work by default. Since this would be an account specific issue, you will want to contact Live Support so they can work with you. You will need to provide specific information that you cannot provide here in the public area. Kindest Regards, Scott M