website and wp-admin not loading for one site

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Has anyone else had this problem? I can't load my website or wp-admin for one of my sites. The other one, a secondary site on the same account, loads fine, and oddly it seems to only be a problem for my pc and laptop. I can load the site on my iphone and on a neighbours macbook, which is making me suspect it's a problem with windows? Although that seems crazy.
The site was fine last time I checked it, and I hadn't changed any settings between now and then. I've tried a couple of things suggested on other forums, which didn't work, and I think I've put everything back where it was before I started poking around.
The site is
Any help would be seriously appreciated!

Thank you for contacting us about the non-appearance of your site. Yes, everything looks fine here. It could have been a caching issue in the one computer you had the problem with.

For the moment, I'm glad to see everything looks normal. Are you able to log into wp-admin now? Do you have any rules in your .htaccess file that may have been blocking you? For example, if you had rules set up to allow or deny IP addresses and your IP address was rotated by your Internet provider then you could have lost your access. However, if that was the case, your neighbor would certainly have had trouble as well.

Christopher M.