I cannot see my website

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Why am I unable to see my wordpress site? Openarchivestl.net.
First i was presented with an "Inmotion hosting splash which posted my IP and an address like biz99.inmotion etc"
Then I refresh the page and I'm told by Chrome that the page is insecure. And given a very long error message.

I think I rushed into this too fast, yesterday I purchased a premium wordpress plan hoping to get a domain and use some plugins. That was a mistake. Today I bought a plan so that I could migrate to a wordpress.org host and use the plugins, then I learned about the 60 day rule. So basically now I'm content with waiting 60 days, paying 60 dollars here for no benefit I suppose, I just want my website back online. Scholars routinely use it.

Thank you for contacting us about the non-appearance of your site. I'm glad to see the site is up now.

Regarding the 60 day transfer hold, you can certainly point the domain to our servers now and use the domain and your hosting plan. The 60 day hold only applies to the domain registration. You can point the domain wherever you are hosting your site. Domain transfers (which involve just the transfer of which registrar manages the domain name) are a separate process from website transfers (which transfer files and site-specific data).

Christopher M.