multiple domain names and multiple main sites into one hosting

  • Answered

Can I have multiple domain names that, each domain name will point into a different page?
Current I have an account with a domain name pointing into my main site, I want multiple domain names into multiple sites.. can i do that ?
Hello, Thanks for the question about using multiple domain names. I think that first we need to clear up some understanding on the account definitions so that we're on the same page. Each business level account can host multiple domains. If you look at the table on the InMotion website you will see that they list the number of websites available per account. Extra domains (websites) added to your account are called add-on domains. They are separate websites. They are managed under one cPanel account, but the internet will see them as separate websites as long as the domain name is registered. Each website points to a different page as long as you have created the website pages for each. Therefore, the answer to your last question is, "Yes! You can do that." If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.