Strange URL rediretion with Softaculous cloning option

  • Answered

Hope you can help me :)

I have a few websites installed on my Inmotion Hosting server, almost every one of them with Wordpress installed (WebsiteA, WebsiteB, WebsiteC, WebsiteD).
I need to made some tests on one of those websites.
For this, I cloned my Wordpress installation (from websiteB) using Softaculous cloning option on an other domain (WebsiteD). Unfortunatly the new installation seems to be broken: when I try to go on the new url I m always redirected to an other domain (websiteA)!

Do you have an idea of what is going on?

Thank you.
IMH Support Agent 5

Thank you for contacting us about cloning options in Softaculous. I regret to hear there was an error in your new installation. Did you check if the Site and Home URL are pointing to the directory you installed the clone into? It is also possible that hard links in the post or page content are pointing to the domain or directory of the site you cloned.

Christopher M.