Extension errror message with inmotion

  • Answered
Hi support,

I moved the addon domain below from bluehost to inmotion


It is generating an error message now with inmotion. Moreover, it shows a question mark as opposed to showing a multiplication sign.

However, the exact same thing works perfectly when hosted with bluehost as shown in the link below.


Somebody said that an extension could be missing with bluehost.

I have no idea how to solve this. Please help

Thank you for contacting us about the missing characters on your site. If you know what kind of characters you need to have supported in your configurations here at InMotion, we may be able to help you get those set up. It is likely that these will need to be reviewed at the code level, which we are somewhat limited in doing through this public forum; but we can advise if you have more information. Are you using UTF-8 characters? I see the question mark you mentioned, but I'm not sure which character you or your developer need in that position.

Christopher M.