Firewall settings to allow all domestic access

  • Answered
I am developing a small website for my condo community and would like anyone in the community to be able to access it. My application has server-side SSL and password authentication for all clients. So, I am not terribly worried about allowing general access from IP's that originate in the US. But I have limited knowledge of configuring Firewalls and know little about APF and CIDR rules. It seems way more arcane than I would have imagined. How can/would I configure APF to limit users with US-based IP addresses? (BTW, I do know about the APF allow and deny files, but I don't know very well how to express IP ranges and certainly don't know how to restrict them to be from domestic sources.) Thanks for your help.
Hello, Thank you for your question on allowing domestic access via the firewall. You may want to check into regulating this at the .htaccess level instead of the firewall. It would be easier to manage. You can then add/remove ranges as you need from within the cPanel itself. See our guide on blocking a country for more information. You can use the same method to block everyone EXCEPT the US or whomever else you want. Kindest Regards, Scott M