Back Ups and http issues

  • Answered
Hello and thanks for your help!

We have 2 questions:

1. We need a weekly/monthly (depending on your services) back up. Can you do this automatically or do we need to hire someone to do it? Please advice, as we do remember this was on the plan.

2. What is the procedure to switch from http to https? We've noticed that Linkedin needs https to redirect people to our site. Please advise if you can do this.

Many thanks.
Hello JohnSnowLabs, Thank you for your questions on backups and HTTPS. For your first question, we do backup accounts regularly. As long as your account is under 10GB, it should be backed up daily. Only a single backup is kept, so it will only have what was present 24 hours before. We always recommend customers doing their own backups as well, for extra insurance. You can make backups at any time via the cPanel. For the second question, in order for your site to appear on the HTTPS protocol, you would need to purchase an SSL and have us install it on your site. That is all that is needed. Kindest Regards, Scott M