How do I change sub domain to main domain?

  • Answered
Our main domain web site is still giving us fits. Our sub domain is ready enough for us to use it live. So how do we change our sub domain to be our main domain? I know enough to get myself in trouble so do not consider myself and expert. Also, wanted to know exactly what to do before doing anything. Thanks in advance for any help.
Hello, Thank you for your question on changing the subdomain to the main domain. If you have the subdomain ready to go live and plan on using the primary at some point, it is fine to leave it as it is. There is no benefit to switching them around. Think of the domains as two books on a shelf. They are both accessible without having to move each other, and trading the books places on the shelf would not give any benefit. Still, if you want to do it, it is best to rename the public_html to another name, create a brand new empty public_html folder, then copy all of the files from the addon domain to the new public_html folder. After that, do a Primary Domain Name change so the addon domain becomes the primary. Then add the former primary domain as an addon domain. Lastly, go to the old public_html folder copy all the files (except the old addon folder) to the NEW addon folder (which will be named after the old primary domain name). Finally, after testing both sites, you can delete the old public_html folder since it will not be needed any longer. Kindest Regards, Scott M