Hi I Am the Hosting Provider and My Client Site Showing “Sorry! if You Are the Owner of This Website, Please Contact Your Hosting Provider” So Now What I Will Do for Fix This Issue ?

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Actually, we are transferring all our client sites to our new server from old server. So, I transferred the site but when I generate an SSL certificate on my client site I get this error: 

"Sorry If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider" 

So what I should I do now?

John-Paul B
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Hello Sabir,

Thank you for contacting us about a "Sorry! If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider" message on your sites.

What Does This Error Mean?

There are several reasons for this or a similar message to display on your site, but we'll go over the most common causes. 

Your Account is Suspended

While the error doesn't say it, this message can indicate that your account has been suspended and this is a default notification to contact the hosting company so they can tell you in a private and secure setting. Some possible reasons for an account suspension would be:

  • Lapse in Billing
  • Sysadmin Suspension

You Are Resolving to The Wrong Server

Another cause of this error message is that your domain is resolving to the wrong server or an account that is no longer active.

How to Fix: “Sorry! If You Are the Owner of This Website, Please Contact Your Hosting Provider

Since there are several causes for this error, we will go over the most common solutions.

Check if the Account is Suspended in WHM

If you are the host and managing the account, you may have suspended it by accident or forgotten to unsuspend the account for a previous issue. In this case, you can check the status of the suspension and unsuspend it in WHM if necessary.

Ensure Your DNS is Pointed to the Correct Server

In some cases, you may be seeing this error because your DNS is not pointed to the right server location. I first recommend checking the 'A Record' for the domain:

Next, ensure the domain is set to resolve to the IP address for the correct server. 

Also, keep in mind that any settings reflected in your cPanel or WHM will only work if the domain is pointed to your Nameservers. 

If the domain is not pointed to your nameservers, they will need to update the DNS settings with their DNS host.

Renew Your Hosting Plan

If you suspect your account was suspended due to a billing issue, login to your account and check your renewal dates. If you are hosted with InMotion you can do this in your Account Management Panel (AMP):

If you need to update your payment or contact information, you can also do this in AMP:

Contact Live Support

If your problems persist and you are hosted by InMotion, keep in mind that our U.S.-based Live Support Team is available 24/7, 3656 days per year.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,