VPS will not allow me to send email to a remote server

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I noticed this problem when using PHPmail with a form on my site ebengraystreeservice.com. The emails were going to three different people, one with a gmail account and two with ebengraystreeservice.com emails. I only host the website and not the email. I just have the (A) record point to my VPS and the (MX) records point to some other server. Not even sure which one and don't care. I have no desire to deal with people's email. Anyways, I would get the form submittal at the gmail account but the two people from ebengraystreeservice.com would not get theirs. Then I thought I would just create a forward for [email protected] and forward the emails to the three addresses. Cpanel then tells me that:

(Warning: “[email protected]” does not refer to a valid local email account or alias. The system will not create a forwarder, because it already sends that email to the default address.)

I need to be able to host a website and not the email AND be able to have their website email them. What are my options?
Hello Phishyman2,

Sorry for problem with the email form not working from your VPS server. Since the domain's DNS is not pointed to us, then you should be using PHPmail to send mail and have the settings for PHPMAIL pointed to the remote mail server. By default, any mail function is set to run locally (through the settings in PHP.INI) , so you will need to change that since all of their mail information is running on the remote server. I hope this helps to explain the issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.